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Welcome to the homepage of Anthony Saddington

I am fairly new to amateur radio as i have been a radio amateur for about a month. I am thirteen and am usually only active on CW. I use a Kent Twin Paddle Key but own and somtimes use a Highmound 708 Paddle Key and a Kent Hand Key. I use mine and my dads (M3UCW) rigs which are:-
Kenwood TS-2000 (Base station rig).
Kenwood TS-830s (2nd Base station rig).
Kenwood TS-430s (Second operating QTH rig).
Yaesu FT 857 (So I can Morse on the move!)
As you can see me and my Dad are both Kenwood lovers, but we still find the Yaesu an amazing rig for its size!(but a bit complicated with all the menus, but we are getting used to it now). 
I started getting interested in CW when i went to my nearest radio club(The Kettering And District Amateur Radio Society-G5KN).I was doing the morse practical assesment and Colin(M3JCA) thought i was good so that got me more interested in CW. Then my Dad brought me the Kent Hand Key and practised on that but never went on air with it until everyone at the radio club got fed up waiting because they knew i was good enough to go on air. Then I made my first contact (Cant remember who it was, Germany i think?!) but it was really satisfying to talk to someone in another country.
On some of the other pages there are some pictures of my CW Keys and shack.
Hope to catch you on the air sometime (CW of Course!)
73s de M3UFZ Anthony